The original developer of Crossroads, Mike "Guile" Donnelly, and another developer known as “Chase” have converted the original MajorBBS version of Crossroads of the Elements into its own standalone server!


Read the House Rules! I don't care if you don't want to, read them anyway!

Telnet to telnet:// with a VT100/ANSI terminal emulator to start playing right now!

Read the introduction to the game from the main menu before entering the Crossroads of the Elements to play!


Consult the Player Reference for helpful information about many aspects of the game.

Explore the maps, maps, monsters, and spells of the Elemental Realms:

Join the YahooGroup where you can talk to the developers, discuss the game with other players, and get help outside of the game when you get stuck!

Download, Install, and run a MUD Client for features like macros, triggers, and mappers for improved game experience.

Use a PC emulator like DOSbox to run your favorite DOS Terminal Emulator program.

Explore the virtual space around Crossroads of the Elements in Related Websites

Become a mentor - recruit more players - help existing players level up in new elements and classes.


Setup your own Crossroads for MajorBBS Demo and run the original Crossroads of the Elements demo.

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