Terminal Emulator

To get the true BBS experience, you might prefer to play Crossroads using the original DOS terminal emulator program, such as Telemate, you used “back in the day” for dialup.

Step 1: DOSbox

Step 2: Configure DOSbox Serial Port

Configure DOSbox serial port to use a modem listener port to talk back and forth over a network instead of a COM port.

With DOSbox 0.74 in the dosbox conf file:

# ... more configuration above

# ... lots of comments here ...
serial1=modem listenport:23
# ... more configuration below

Step 3: Setup a Terminal Emulator

In my case, let's get Telegrafix RIPterm 1.54 running, because I want ASCII, ANSI, *and* RIPscrip capability.

Download RIPterm 1.54 (ZIP) and unpack it.

The Starbase 21 link below has links to Telemate.

Step 4: Configure Terminal

Most terminal emulator programs were setup to “initialize” the modem at an AT command followed by many parameters.

This is not needed when using the DOSbox modem listenport emulator.

Start DOSbox.

Start RIPterm with the RIPTERM.EXE command at the C:\> prompt.

The RIPterm splash page should come up:

In your terminal program, empty out the AT command initialization.

Press F10 to bring up the menu bar.

Choose the Setup menu item:

Choose Modem Settings item from the Setup Menu:

Type in AT and press the ENTER or RETURN key.
You should see the OK prompt come back from the DOSbox “modem”:

Step 4: Dial In

Use the ATDT command to “dial” your MUD host.

For example, the reach Crossroads on Macro10, use:

ATDT xroads.macro10.com:7777

You should see a connect and login, just like using a Before You Play Crossroads of the Elements or telnet program.



This page would not have been possible without the Starbase 21 Telemate Docs

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