Before You Play Crossroads of the Elements

In order to explore the world of Crossroads, you will need to have the right tools, such as a client program that is able to act as an VT-100/ANSI terminal emulator and implements the Telnet protocol.

Fortunately, most modern operating systems come pre-configured with at least a minimal Telnet application that can be used to get started.

You may find that you are looking for more features than most OS “stock” Telnet clients offer. Many players user add-on Telnet/MUD clients that implement a feature known as “macros”. Macros allow you to program custom keys to quickly enter commonly used commands for you.

Below is a small list of client programs for various OSes that you can use to play Crossroads. Some are free and some have small costs associated with them.

Application Platform/OS Cost Submitted By
GnomeMud Linux FLOSS Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey
JamochaMUD Java Free To Use Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey
TinyFugue Multiple Free To Use Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey
zMUD Windows Free Demo Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey
SimpleMU Windows Free Demo Jan
Mud-Master Windows Free To Use Sandrax
Savitar Macintosh Free Demo kurtk

Please feel free to test others and add them here.

A note about Windows clients:
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey does not run any version of the Windows or Macintosh operating systems and is unable to test/use/review any of those clients submitted.

Accuracy of the client information is solely the responsibility of the submitters.

Last modified: 2014/10/11 20:06